Saturday, November 10, 2012


Actual scrambled eggs as referenced.
     Scrambled eggs. That was the first thing I thought of when I heard the new LP, Alive At The Deep Blues Fest. There use to be an anti-drug commercial that showed a couple of eggs frying in a skillet, and the tagline read, “This is your brain on drugs.” And after listening to this LP of howling electric guitars, and feedback, and thick, dense, heavy blues rock, my brain wasn’t fried, but it was definitely scrambled. I had to sit back at the breakfast table and have a slice of bacon, and some milk before I asked for seconds.

     Recorded in Bayport, Minnesota this past summer as June turned to July, the album features seven of the best bands from the Alive-Natural Sound stable of acts, and while it’s not the first time the label’s acts have been showcased on one LP, it is the first time they’ve been showcased together in one place on the live stage. And on stage is where these bands shine. Buffalo Killers, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, Radio Moscow, John The Conqueror, Brian Olive, Left Lane Cruiser, and Henry’s Funeral Shoe are all here. If they’re not names yet in your household, your household probably isn’t wired for electricity. 
     I bought the vinyl record from the Bomp website. It’s pressed on BBQ Sauce Red vinyl – which would probably spice up a plate of scrambled eggs just right, come to think of it – and features one track from each band. But here’s the cool thing: the LP comes with a download card that allows you to download not only the seven tracks on the LP, but an additional seven more – one more from each act – so you can carry it around in the car with you when you’re driving to the diner for more eggs. So add the vinyl to your collection, and stay plugged in with the digital download. Or, keep the digital download for yourself, and give the LP to your little brother, Tommy for Christmas to start that record collection he’s been wanting. As his older brother, it’s your responsibility to get him hooked on vinyl. It’ll keep him off the streets and out of trouble. And pick up the CD for your little sister Tiffany so she stops playing that infernal One Direction album.
     While you’re at it, check out the rest of the catalog at Every one of these artists is responsible for some of the best music to flow through the pipeline and into the collective subconscious over the past couple of years. But they’ve been underground long enough. It’s time to shine a light on ‘em, and it’s time for you guys to get on the bandwagon. Rock ain’t dead - not by a long shot. In fact it’s on a steaming platter on its way from the kitchen to your turntable as we speak. Pass the sauce.

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